BE RICH – Change Your Relationship with Money

This workshop invites you on a transformative journey to explore and redefine your relationship with money, a topic often shrouded in unconscious negativity and limiting beliefs. Many of us, without realizing it, carry a negative money mindset, ingrained by societal proverbs and parental influences, which tells us that earning money might be unethical or that “Money spoils character” and “Money alone does not bring happiness.”

Let’s start with a moment of reflection. What are the first five keywords that come to mind when you think about money? Reflect on the messages about money that were prevalent in your household. How do you currently view your financial situation and opportunities?

Understanding that a negative relationship with money isn’t a personal failing but rather a product of our upbringing and societal norms is the first step towards change. Our attitudes towards money, whether positive or negative, significantly influence our financial decisions and overall well-being.

Here, we aim to shift from inherited negative perceptions to a more empowered stance. This entails actively challenging and replacing those old beliefs with new, constructive ones. But how do we start this process of change? It begins with awareness of the negative beliefs we hold and understanding that our relationship with money is not fixed; it can be reshaped through conscious effort and reflection.

To foster a healthier attitude towards money, we propose a journey of self-discovery and practical exercises designed to uncover and dismantle those deep-seated beliefs that hinder our financial empowerment. By embracing a positive financial mindset, we not only enhance our own lives but also challenge the broader cultural narratives surrounding money.

Embrace this opportunity to transform your financial future. Remember, a positive relationship with money opens the door to a wealth of possibilities, both literally and metaphorically. Join us in creating space for financial growth, freedom, and fulfillment. Let’s redefine what money means to us and discover the abundance that comes from a healthy financial mindset.


Start: August 13, 2024, 18:00

End: August 18, 2024, 15:00


Regular Price: €290

Early Bird: €260 with registration by July 20, 2024


Accommodation and delicious vegetarian meals €60 per day = €300

BioRezydencja, Glowna 12,

59-850 Swieradow Zdroj