New Year’s Eve FULL OF LOVE in Warsaw

I warmly invite you to the 8th edition of New Year’s Eve FULL OF LOVE! 💖✨🍀 🍄

→ What is going to happen?


💖 We are going to drink the “drink of the gods” – Cacao, and we are going to dance.

💖 We will open our hearts thanks to a magical journey and we will dance together the wave of 5 Rhythms®.
🍀 The Cacao ceremony brings purification through joy, fun, presence and bliss.

Cacao is a sacred Mayan plant used in ceremonial rites. This plant teaches us how to go deeper into our hearts, minds and the heart of Mother Earth to rediscover the true healing power that is within each of us. We are going to consume about 30-40 g of specially prepared pure raw cacao.

🍄 For those interested, there will be an opportunity to take a microdose of Amanita Muscaria. Microdoses subtly relax, sharpen the senses, energize, restore contact with the body, and release suppressed and frozen emotions 🍄

5Rhythms® – Created by Gabrielle Roth and danced by thousands around the world, 5Rhythms® is a philosophy, perspective, art and dynamic practice of movement, rooted in the truth that if you put your soul in motion, it will heal itself.
Movement is both medicine and metaphor, reaching across languages, cultures and age groups, transforming suffering into art, art into awareness, and awareness into action.
The 5Rhythms® Practice creates a community that sweats its prayers, supports the process of needed change and provides a safe space for anyone who wants to shake their ego and awaken that part of themselves that is unpredictable, passionate, fascinating, teetering on the edge and longing for freedom.

The ceremony will take place on two levels. Downstairs there will be a chillout zone and a buffet, and upstairs there will be dance!

(on your own) if you get tired of dancing, you can focus on cuddles 🙂

New Year’s Kombucha toast (vegan, alcohol-free)

Prepared vegan or vegetarian buffet food.

– before and during the ceremony we do not consume alcohol or other intoxicants. On this day, avoid caffeine, cocoa or other stimulants throughout the day.
– you are fully responsible for yourself, your needs, feelings and
emotions and you take care of your own space and safety as well as that of other participants.
– you clearly communicate to others your needs and boundaries.
– 5 Rhythms is a joint process where emotions appear, accompanied by crying, laughing, screaming. Be authentic, express yourself. All feelings and emotions are welcomed.

– we dance barefoot
– bring a water bottle (preferably glass).

– during the Cacao Ceremony we will eat raw Cacao (with vegetable milk, chili, agave syrup) – if you are allergic to any of the ingredients, please report in advance. If you are using treatment with psychoactive tablets – also report and consult a doctor whether you can consume concentrated raw Cacao.
– if you are taking psychoactive substances, contact us on priv.

Tango Milonga
Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie 21A, 00-390 Warsaw

DECEMBER 31, 2023
20:00 registration
20:30 start
03:00 end

At the gate on the day of the event PLN 400

Registration required for:


This event will be held in English and Polnish language.

Sylwester 5Rytmow is open for EVERYONE who is familiar with practice of 5Rytms and for all those who do not know the practice yet.

I invite you to welcome the New together!