Believe in yourself 

Believe in yourself is a unique workshop during which you will come back to the source of your Power!

Discover the Source of your power and wake up to a new life!
Are you ready to discover who you truly are?
Wake up your consciousness, that will help you create real changes.
In every moment instant you can change your life and add a bit of magic to it.
When we dance, we connect with the part of ourselves which Knows, that we are divine creatures, capable of creating life we truly desire.
You can completely change your life just by changing your beliefs. That is because beliefs shape the way we perceive the world and ourselves. We either see possibilities or obstacles – it all depends on our perception.
We can choose what kind of inner world we want to create for ourselves. And if it will support our dreams.
Self-confidence comes from embracing yourself as you are with all that is important to you. With your authenticity and unique gifts, that you may give to the world.
When we dance, we open to the Flow, we feel love and trust for life. We have access to the beauty and abundance of the Universe.
From the place in us that is filled with power, we can dance our intentions.
When dancing with an open heart we reach bolder, we move more freely, we become joyful.
There is a moment in the dance flow, when we are particularly open and receptive. We can use it for our highest good.
We can choose affirmations and intentions, that will make us stronger – and will come true!
In music that will elevate us, in a group filled with positive energy, we will meet to dance into each cell of our bodies unshakable faith in ourselves.
With each step on the dancefloor, with each of the 5 rythms, we are going to set off to fulfill our desires and meet our true selves – shiny & happy!
That is exactly what we are going to do – together!

You are more than you think!

In this process we are supported by the power of the Jizera Mountains, the magical BioRezydencja with its healthy and wonderful vegetarian cuisine, its sauna, the magical chestnut tree that fulfills wishes and the strongest power stone circle within a radius of 1000 km.
The stone circle has powerful cleansing, strengthening and regenerating properties on many levels.


Beginning: October, 7 2022 at 5:00 p.m.
End: October, 9 2022 at 3 p.m.

Regular price: 1200 PLN
Early Bird: 1100 (registration and payment made before September, 15)
The price includes accommodation, workshop, vegetarian meals.

BioRezydencja, Główna 12,
59 – 850 Świeradów Zdrój


Retirees, pensioners, students, single parents with children in difficult financial situation – 10% discount

Have you got any questions? Write! Call! Contact us! We will help!

Tomasz +48504173833

5Rhythms® is a dynamic movement practice that opens the mind/body connection to experience transformation at its highest level. Using the wisdom of the body each Rhythm is a doorway that connects us to our natural elements of self.
5Rhythms® created by Gabrielle Roth and practiced by tens of thousands worldwide, 5Rhythms® is a philosophy, perspective and a dynamic movement practice rooted in the principle that if you put the psyche in motion it will heal itself. Movement is both the medicine and the metaphor, reaching across all languages, cultures and age groups to transform suffering into art, art into awareness, and awareness into action. Wherever the 5Rhythms are practiced, a community is born to dance, to sweat, to change, to support, and to provide a safe space for each of us to shatter the ego’s hold and awaken the juicy, unpredictable, fascinating, edge-walking, rock star part of ourselves that yearns to be free. Creativity. Connection. Community.
Movement is Medicine. Surrender to the trance of your own dance and discover the transformative healing powers of self-expression.

Tomasz Szymocha is an accredited 5Rhythms® teacher.
He finished his teacher training in 2016 at The Moving Center® New York. From that time on he has actively run 5Rhythms® classes and workshops in Poland, Germany, Israel and Spain. By profession, he is an actor mime after the school in Berlin, where he worked for many years in the theater. He taught movement in Germany, Poland, Italy, France, the United States and Israel. He conducted dance and theater classes for children and youth in Berlin and Paris. He grew up in Warsaw, where he performed at the Buffo Theater as a mime. In 1987 he emigrated to Berlin. At the age of 25, he intensively meditated for 2.5 years in the Himalayas. From 2011, the founder of the BioRezydencja in Świeradów-Zdrój (, an ecological personal growth and workshop centre . Passionate traveler, father of 5 children, vegetarian, Lomi Lomi Nui masseur, graduated with ISTA level 2, forest lover (he planted 70 thousand trees).

This workshop counts as – 5Rhythms Wave 2,5 day workshop towards the 5Rhythms teacher training.