“Peace Between the Sexes”
5 day In Depth “LOVE LIFE” International Workshop
Led By: Ela Merom and Tomasz Szymocha (5Rhythms®)

Powerful, creative, successful, sensual men and women know how to foster and connect to both their healthy feminine and healthy masculine, and create a sacred union between them.
In this in depth workshop we will go deeply into learning exploration, healing, and celebration of, and BETWEEN, men and women/masculine and feminine; In order to live ourselves FULLY, as Joyful creators in all aspects of our lives:
At work
in our relationships
in our community
our sexuality
our family
and more

As we look deeply into our true nature we can move beyond our gender identity into life itself, Whole, pure beings: feminine masculine, dancing within the spectrum of life.
And still, within this sacred body we are women or men, journeying somewhat differently within societies challenges and norms. So much of the time we establish our feminine or masculine identities from a young age as reaction to those norms, and not arising from our pure essence, this creates lots of suffering and confusion.
We invite you to discover yourself anew as a unique MAN or WOMEN from a place of wholeness, power, mystery, and magic. Perfect as you are.

As always in LOVE LIFE Int. WORKSHOPS, we use aמ exceptional format within which we will use the incredible 5Rhythms practice combined with powerful tools from the world of Tantra\Shamanism\Mindfulness/Body Centered Psychotherapy/ and more, to create a Deep field of Transformation and Pleasure.
The workshop will incorporate a Cacao Ceremony. As well as deep work in nature.

As facilitators it is incredibly important to us to create a safe environment for exploration. We both have lots of experience in holding sacred group journeys, and along with our amazing “hand picked” assistants we create a space that is held and supportive, in which participants can let go each into their own healing and empowerment.
In this workshop there will be participants from Israel, Poland, Germany, Ireland and more. Some have already experienced one or more of our workshops, and some are going to experience it for the first time. The workshop will be given in English with translation to Hebrew and Polish

* The workshop will incorporate a Cacao ceremony. As well as deep work in nature.

Join the growing LOVE LIFE International tribe, on our journey to Self Love and Self empowerment.


💫 ELA MEROM / Israel
Ela Merom is a teacher and founder of “LOVE LIFE” workshops, and IT – INITIATION TEMPLE, has been a facilitator at the “Art of Love School” for two years, and is a mother of two beautiful daughters. For nearly two decades Ela has been leading transformational workshops, rituals, and personal development processes in Israel and abroad. In her work she magically blends heart, body, and consciousness work. Her first major spiritual awakening as an adult was through Buddhist wisdom, and since then she has deepened her human experience though the Shamanic path, Jewish Mystical tradition, sacred sexuality, body centered psychotherapy, and more. Her studies have been both Academic and Experiential. She has a Masters Degree in Religion, and has been ordained as a Rabbi.
Increasing intimacy and the full experience of the life force is her most major concern, both for herself and others. She is inviting you to breakthrough to your deepest and most joyous and loving essence, creating a deep, fulfilling, and sensual relationship with your loved ones, with the beauty of creation, and most importantly with yourself.
Expansion of our hearts and minds is not a mere saying, it can be lived out and make our life into the true adventure it was meant to be.

An accredited 5Rhythms teacher and the founder of “LOVE LIFE” workshops. He is also an actor, a yogi, Lomi Lomi and Kashmir massage therapist. His reality is full of love and movement and so is his work on the 5Rhythms dance floor. He is inspired by shamanism, his deep contact with nature, the fascination with theater and the wisdom that is constantly passed on to him by his four children.
In 2011 Tomasz founded the BioRezydencja in Świeradów – Zdrój: a beautiful, ecological, rural retreat; a place of revival for the body and the spirit, where he also facilitates classes and workshops.



“Beloved Tribe! the flow continue , I feel all 5 Rhythms qualities ,letting myself be with them , observing, enjoying…I feel deep joy,liberation and juice of my wonderful Life 💫 Thank you All for holding this holy space 💫 Ela & Tomasz you are so so so powerful , I’m felling truly honoured to be part of the Tribe , you are making this all possible 😌The Universe has our back,we are safe,we are loved , we are beautiful
I love my Life, the Life after the workshop(s), observing these little changes, seeing myself from new angles , bringing awareness , staying connected. I love being on workshop(s) too, but Life after the workshop is so juicy!”
Gonia, Ireland

I am so filled with love and bliss and deep deep sexy relaxation. Ela you are doing deep beautiful amazing work for the world and the people and sharing so much love joy and ecstasy. Thank you, thank you, thank you! And thank you all the people who came this weekend, for your presence in this playshop. It is amazing to be amongst all of you. Thank you for all the love and wildness and heart you have shared. You are all in my heart. Let’s keep spreading this light together. I love you.
Camilla Westness, Poland

Thank you @Ela Merom from deep within my loving and open heart.
I feel like I am vulnerable and very strong at the same time. Trying to contain all my bubbling feelings and words and keeping the sharing alive in my day to day and with everyone.
Shani Goren, Israel

„I am grateful for this workshop. A temple space was created where we could all be ourselves authentically, speak our inner truth in a safe environment. This is how the magic and healing happened. I was able to live my passion, dance and bring my gifts. My heart opened to nature, to myself and to the others. It is full of love now. Ela is amazing shamanic magician. Tomasz is a beautiful dancing shiva. Thank you both for this beautiful journey. Love you!”
Pini Mogilevsky, Israel

Gratitude is what I am feeling right now. And I keep on smiling because I just feel good. I feel that I am a whole person. I can feel my soul, my heart can hear my mind, and I can see and appreciate my body. Ela you are a wild woman “La Loba”, I’m honored I have met you. Tomasz you are crazy and sensual. Thanks to you I am able to express myself, truly express. I have never shouted this loud (not even when I was giving birth to my son), I never laughed so hard, and never danced so freely. I came here to be more with myself, to see the whole of me. You have helped me achieve this goal. I feel truly happy, thank you.
Ania, Poland


Money info:

Early registration FIRST 10 PEOPLE TO pay registration fee:
1880 zl/nis (workshop price: 1100zl)
€ 450

Regular registration:
2050 zl/nis (workshop price: 1270zl)
€ 490

The price Includes everything. Workshop, yummy food, and beautiful rooms. 🍓🍇🏡🌞

Returning participants and Tomasz or Ela’s students receive an additional 10% off the workshop price! 💰

With any questions please contact Ela 0507560815

With any questions please contact:
Say that you are coming to the workshop
580 zł
€ 140

Heller Natur Tomasz Szymocha
Główna 12, 59-850 Świeradów Zdrój
Numer konta PKO: 75 1020 2137 0000 9002 0143 4547

IBAN 75 1020 2137 0000 9002 0143 4547

For any questions please call
Tomasz +48504173833