Making love to life

We are a free birds flying unto creation.
We crave to love life – to merge with it completely.
To take in FULLY all the beauty that exists all around us, in other people, and first and foremost in ourselves.
To live out fully our unique, one of a kind, gift to the world.
Our desire is to touch and be touched intimately with every breath we take, in this miracle of a body we received from Existence. To let our most primal energy appear in its raw and magnificent form! 

This introductory workshop unites the Magical Map of the Five Rythms with the exploration of Erotic energy in ourselves and in the Earth. Through this unique combination we will release resistance from the MIND-BODY-HEART Consiousness in order to let the our Erotic Energy and the life force come through us in all its range and glory, from the most subtle to the most wild, allowing us to play joyously in our lives.

We are happy to invite you to this spring weekend workshop in BioRezydencja (Swierardow, Poland). The powerful methods of meditation through movement – 5Rhythms® – combined with with the exploration of Erotic energy and the life-force. 

Mind – Body – Heart – Breath – Consciousness.

There will be a Cacao ceremony during the workshop: „A gateway to an open heart”. The workshop is open to anyone who either danced or hasn’t danced 5Rhythms before. No previous experience with tantra is needed. 

Workshop leaders:
Ela Merom / Izrael 

Tomasz Szymocha / Polska/Niemcy – 5Rhythms�…

Starting: 21-07 at 6 PM dinner
Ending: 23 -07 zt 5 PM

BioRezydencja, ul. Główna 12, Świerardów Zdrój / POLAND
BioRezydencja is a beautiful retreat place in a beautiful rural area of Izer mountains in Poland.

120 Euro / workshop – price until June 30th. 
150 Euro – price from 1 July
+ 65 Euro / 2 night stay in BioRezdencja inc. vegetarian meals

tel. +48 504 173 833

Deposit 25€ to account:
Tomasz Szymocha
bgż: 41 1600 1462 0008 2536 3680 7011…/Makinglovetolifespringworksh…

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